What is Black Holes ?

Hypothetical black holes are regions of space that can not be directly observed, characterized by high density and an intense gravitational field that catches the light and matter in surrounding space.A black hole is a dead star shape.

Black hole concept was developed by German astronomer Karl Schwarzschild (1873-1916) in 1916 based on Einstein's relativity theory.Proof of existence of black holes in the Universe was only made in 1994 by browsing or using the Hubble Space Telescope, mounted on hostage space orbit around the Earth. By measuring the gas around the center of M87 Galatia was inferred the existence of a mass of about 3 billion solar masses. In 1995 were also found two other black holes in the universe.A star who dies condense to reach a so-called "White dwarf star, with a diameter of several thousand kilometers, close to the diameter of Earth. If the star is compressing more it becomes a "neutron star". Neutron star has a density of about one million tonnes per a cubic centimeter. If the star is compressed as it reaches the size and density close off huge and they entitle properties called black hole.

If a star has a mass of less than three solar masses when the exclusion principle will prevent the collapse of quantum gravity. Black holes and cosmic guts absorb any radiation over a large distance around them.
It implies that our sun will cease to exist over a few billion ani. Astronomers believe today that a black hole continues to evolve, and its end will be a huge explosion equivalent to the detonation of several million thermonuclear bombs.


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