Europeans with dark skin ?

European human skin began to open to light only 5,500 years ago, after some adjustments in their food behavior, according to a study by researchers at the University of Oslo. Scientists believe that the mutation occurred after the Europeans since the status of the hunters-gatherers to farmers.

The new organization has changed its diet, bringing a significant decrease of vitamin D present in the food item less population of farmers. To compensate for this deficiency, Europeans have adapted, their skin is the color opening and allowing better synthesis of vitamin D through exposure to sunlight.
Dark skin much easier in a little vitamin D synthesis by UV. "Cold climate and high altitudes quickly prompted the need to open the skin color. Food obtained from agriculture were a poor source of vitamin D, and solar radiation levels were too low to determine the production of sufficient quantities of vitamin D in dark skin, "explains the study's authors. Adaptation is most easily found if the Scandinavian populations, which have evolved so as to maximize the vitamin D synthesized by the body.

If the new theory is correct, means that six thousand years ago people in areas present Scandinavians and Britain had dark skin. "In England region, 5.500-5.200 years ago, eating habits have changed rapidly and people have not been fed almost exclusively of fish, and this detail has led to the emergence of lighter shades of skin, explains Johan Moan, the Institute of Physics in Oslo. An additional theory put bleaching Europeans on account of migration of populations from the equator to the north, the region with less sunlight.
Source : Cotidianul


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