Cofee and cardiovascular disease

      In the United States, cardiovascular disease leads to one death every 33 seconds and contributes to 70%of total deaths annually. This makes identifying functional foods as potential modifiers of this disease prevalence an invaluable endeavor. 

Researchers have investigated whether greencoffeebeanextract (GCBE),which is rich inchlorogenic acid,maybe just such a disease modifier. In one study, two groups were created with 10 people ingesting a green coffee bean extract and 10 ingesting a placebo drink for fourmonths. At the end of the study, the treatment group experienced significant decreases in total plasma homocysteine levels and improvements in vasoreactivity. The ability of GCBE to make an impact on these two independent risk factors for cardiovascular disease progression is significant.

Other studies have shown that regular coffee intake has the potential to decrease the sus-ceptibilityof low-density lipoprotein tooxidation and decrease malondialdehyde levels. Further researchhas examined the abilityof caffeine (250mg two times per day) to lower the incidence of cardiovascular events inpatients with type1diabetes,demonstrating a positive effect.


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